Meet our new Wonderbooks

Photo of new Wonderbook type book spines and cover of The Wild Robot by Peter Brown

Photo of the audio mechanism inside the cover of a book.

We have started a collection of children’s read-along chapter books, called Wonderbooks, that have a small pre-charged built-in audio player for young readers who are learning to read independently, reluctant, or just like reading along to the audio version of the book. These books may also be helpful to children who are neurodiverse.

Find this small collection on the Children’s New Book shelves. They are available for checkout to CAPL cardholders for three weeks and automatically renew twice if there are no holds pending, with a limit of 5 titles per card. To keep them in good working order, please return them to staff at the Service Center and not in the automated return in-takes or outside return slots.

See the collection in the catalog.