Read-alongs are an intersection of books and audio, which can help children learn to and enjoy reading. Listening to stories can help build early literacy and reading skills for the long term.


  • Children’s read-along chapter books that have a small pre-charged built-in audio player. This collection is ideal for young readers who are learning to read independently, reluctant, or just like reading along to the audio version of the book. These books may also be helpful to children who are neurodiverse.
  • The collection is on the shelves between the windows along the wall. They are available for checkout to CAPL cardholders for three weeks and automatically renew twice if there are no holds pending, with a limit of 5 titles per card. To keep them in good working order, please return them to staff at the Service Center and not in the automated return in-takes or outside return slots. See the collection in the catalog.

Yoto Player

  • The Yoto player allows kids toPhoto of the Yoto player and accessories. listen to their favorite stories at home or on the go. This compact speaker comes with a variety of plastic cards that contain audiobooks! To use the Yoto Player, simply plug in the card that corresponds to your chosen book and the audio will begin to play. Audio can be played out of the main speaker or you can plug your own headphones in for personal listening. This speaker provides a variety of listening opportunities for hours of screen-free fun. Listening to stories increases imagination, communication skills, understanding of story structures, and vocabulary.
  • We currently have two Yoto Player kits available: One with Marvel and Star Wars stories and one with a collection of books by Roald Dahl. They are available to CAPL cardholders ages 18+ for three-week checkout with a limit of one per card. One renewal is available if no holds are pending.

Photo of a Toniebox and it's accessories.

  • The Toniebox lets kids and toddlers listen to their favorite songs and stories at home or on the go. This speaker comes with a variety of characters who unlock an assortment of songs and stories when placed atop the Toniebox. The Toniebox is specially designed to be used by kids and little ones with a soft exterior and an easy magnetic design that allows them to quickly switch out characters on their own. This is an excellent way for kids to have hours of independent, screen-free fun. Listening to songs and stories helps promote early literacy and helps build vocabulary, phonological awareness, and narrative skills – which are crucial skills to gain for future reading success.
  • We currently have four Tonieboxes available: Disney, Disney Princesses, Storybook Collection, and TV Favorites. They are available to CAPL cardholders ages 18+ for one-week checkout with a limit of one per card. One renewal is available if no holds are pending.